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[셀젠바이오테크:나노스트링] nCounter - Data Analysis


 다음은 나노스트링사의 홈페이지에 있는 FAQs란의 내용을 정리하여 글을 올리겠습니다.


내용이 많은 관계로 Data Analysis란의 내용만을 설명드리겠습니다.

1. Can I compare the nCounter System with my microarray data?

Yes. The fold change data obtained from an nCounter analysis correlates well with fold change results obtained from microarray analyses. The level of concordance between the nCounter and microarray results is similar to comparisons of different microarray platforms.


2. Can nCounter data be used together with qPCR data?

Yes, we’ve found that there is an excellent correlation between nCounter analyses and qPCR analyses, both in terms of relative expression levels and fold changes. Moreover, the multiplexing capabilities of nCounter analyses increase the efficiency with which data can be obtained at qPCR levels of sensitivity. We therefore recommend using nCounter analyses to extend your current set of qPCR data.


3. How do I analyze my data?

The nSolver Analysis Software is a data analysis program that offers nCounter users the ability to quickly and easily QC, normalize, and analyze their data without having to purchase additional software packages. The nSolver software also provides seamless integration and compatibility with other software packages designed for more complex analyses and visualizations. It is free for all nCounter customers and available for download. Please sign in to our Customer Resources area to download the nSolver Analysis Software.


4. Is there documentation available about analyzing my data?

Yes, a Data Analysis Guidelines document is available in the Customer Resources area of our website. Please sign in to download this file.






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