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[셀젠바이오테크: Nanostring] nCounter - Applications


 다음은 나노스트링사의 홈페이지에 있는 FAQs란의 내용을 정리하여 글을 올리겠습니다.


내용이 많은 관계로 application란의 내용만을 설명드리겠습니다.

1. What kind of projects are ideal for the nCounter Analysis System?

We expect the nCounter system to be extremely useful for researchers interested in validating microarray expression results, biomarker analysis, gene expression experiments involving hundreds of genes, and users wanting gene expression results from large numbers of samples.


2. Can you measure transcript variants?

Yes, in many cases we can detect transcript variants.


3. Can I profile microRNAs on the nCounter Analysis System?

NanoString's nCounter technology is based on a novel method of direct molecular barcoding and digital detection of target molecules through the use of color-coded probe pairs. The nCounter miRNA Sample Preparation Kit provides reagents for ligating unique oligonucleotide tags (miRtags) onto the 3’ end of target miRNAs, allowing short RNA targets to be detected by nCounter probes. Currently we offer nCounter miRNA Expression Assay Kits for Human v3, Mouse v1.5, and Rat v1.5. We are in the process of phasing out Human v2 and earlier versions of Mouse and Rat. Additionally, we offer the nCounter à la carte miRNA CodeSets for analysis of subsets of miRNAs (20-50 targets) included in the latest species-specific miRNA Expression Assay Kits.



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